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fancy pink/purple diamonds

The less color the more valuable the diamond, unless dealing with fancy color diamonds. Naturally a perfect diamond is clear and has no color which is normally described as a white diamond. When dealing with regular white diamonds, there is a scale used to define the actual color or tint of the diamond. The whitest diamond color is D and the yellowest to brown is a Z. The only Diamonds that look completely white to the eye are ones ranging from D to G, H being slightly yellow. A diamond that is white to the eye can be a few thousand dollars more expensive than one of color tint. On the other hand if the color of a diamond is complete, it may be a fancy colored diamond which will cost much more than a white diamond. If you have a colored stone that you are not sure whether is a diamond or not, then it is probably not. Fancy colored diamonds are so expensive that a person that possesses one will know whether from a certificate or from getting the stone passed down, that in fact it is a diamond. Often when people buy diamonds they want the whitest they can get their hands on. This strategy can get you a nice diamond but if you would settle for a G colored diamond instead of a D color you would save yourself a few thousand dollars without settling for less than a white stone. Also the stone would more likely be bigger than a D colored stone as they are rare. If you are not the settling type we have high quality diamonds as well!

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