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VVS, VS, SI… have you heard of these terms before? Well they are much more simple than they sound. A VS diamond is a diamond that is VERY SLIGHTLY included; VVS is VERY VERY SLIGHTLY included, and SI is SLIGHTLY INCLUDED. Diamonds have natural imperfections such as internal cracks and inclusions of carbon. The less imperfections that a diamond contains the easier it is for light to travel through the diamond. These imperfections are part of the diamond; they are made of the same material but hurt the quality of the diamond. We are the best diamond buyers, no matter what kind of diamond you bring in you will get the highest payouts in the north Dallas metroplex. Buying? We also have the best sales in the Dallas area, whether you want a loose diamond source or the best deal on an engagement ring.

Below is an si2 diamond which you can actually see some imperfections due to picture magnification.

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