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Hebron Jewelry Exchange, LLC is a family owned and operated business, which opened in 2010 and has combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. We have professional quality jewelers who are certified in diamond scaling and grading. The certification we provide is tops in the business with world renown IDS certification from Israel one of the worlds three major centers for polished diamonds. Here at Hebron Jewelry Exchange, LLC we have the ability to test precious stones i.e. diamonds, rubies, opals, beautiful emeralds and many other gems and ofcourse we grade and make a cash offer for gold, silver, and other precious metals within just a few minutes! 

We would greatly appreciate it if you would give us a chance to earn your business next time you sell gold and Diamonds.


There is no pressure to sell your jewelry right away, as we will honor most prices for a few days extra to give you some time to make a decision. 

Unlike our competition, we also pay for Diamonds in the jewelry, and if you bring in a quote we will pay you more!

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