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Being one of the hardest materials on earth, Diamonds are not simple to cut into shape. Diamonds have to be cut before shining to full potential. Thanks to Marcel Tolkowsky’s 58 facet model, Diamonds are shinning off to their full potential. A brilliant cut diamond would reflect all light that comes through the top. Brilliant cut diamonds are also the most popular. Other popular cuts include the princess cut, Pear shape, Marquise cut, Oval cut, Cushion cut, and Heart shaped. Princess cut is very popular because it is basically a squared diamond from the top view, often used in wedding bands and Men’s rings. Cushion cuts are found in larger diamonds, and natural colored diamonds. At Hebron Jewelry Exchange LLC we carry almost every kind of diamond. You will be able to find the greatest deal on ideal diamonds in the Dallas area. As we also pay the most for diamonds in Dallas.

Below we left a video explaining what heart and arrow cut diamonds are:

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